Image: Tosu Satellite Museum

Tosu Satellite Museum

The challenging history of Tosu in continuous evolvement

An introduction goes for the history of Tosu when part of Tosu was the Tajiro province of Tsushima domain and the industry of patent medicines, sumac wax, railroad, etc. in support of development and spread of Tosu in images and displays.
In addition, there is a corner you can enjoy Tosu-ish games and many things are available for both of adults and children to enjoy.

At the time when Tosu was Tajiro province of Tsushima domain

An introduction goes by using images projected in a big screen, display panels and tells the story of why the east side of Tosu city and Kiyama town became the Tajiro province of Tsushima domain, inclusive of various people and information and episodes of cultural exchanges as a post station of the Nagasaki road and great figures playing an important role at the Restoration period.

The development and spread of the industry.

An introduction goes through using images projected in a big screen, display panels and exhibits for the story of why Tajiro medicine trading became one of the four major one in Japan and sumac wax made from seeds of sumax became financial resource for Saga domain at the restoration at the Bakumatsu-Meiji period.

Image: Experience corner

Experience corner

You can shoulder a baggage that medicine salesmen did in the same weight at that time.

Tosu; the town of railroads

An introduction goes about the railroads having made a significant contribution to the development of the vicinity of Tosu Station as a strategic place of transportation with the map projected around Tosu Station together with narration.

Image: Experience game

Experience game

You catch an adhesive skin patch falling from the display above and place the plaster on your body. This is an experience game you can enjoy by exercising only in Tosu Satellite Museum. The game is simple so both adults and children can enjoy the game.

The details of facilities

288-1 Kōnoemachi, Tosu City (Nakatomi Memorial Medicine Museum)
10:00 thru 17:00 (Admission is until 16: 30)
Every Monday (Next day when Monday is National Holiday), December 29 thru January 3
Admission fee
Adult 300 yen, and free for students high school-age and younger ※
(* Special rate during the expo period)
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Assistance dog (guide dog, hearing assistance dog, partner dog) Accompanied admission
Baby strollers
Acceptable (Free rental available at the reception area)
Toilets for the disabled
Available (A multipurpose toilet at one location 1st floor)
Parking for the disabled
Available (One car)
(From the direction of Tosu Station)
•About 10 minutes by taxi
•About 5 minutes from Tosu interchange of Nagasaki Expressway
•About 3 minutes from Tosu Chikushino Road Yubi interchange
Parking Lot
Available (free)
Contact address
Phone: 0942-84-3334
Fax: 0942-84-3177