image: Okuma Shigenobu Memorial Museum

Okuma Shigenobu Memorial Museum

Historical materials on Shigenobu Okuma

Count Shigenobu Okuma is known to have served twice as Prime Minister and found Waseda University. The Okuma Shigenobu Memorial Museum displays images and valuable materials regarding Count Okuma's achievements. In addition to the permanent exhibition in the hall, as a milestone of Meiji Restoration 150 years, a plan exhibition and workshop is scheduled with the theme of Meiji Restoration.

The Memorial Museum built in the celebration of the 125th anniversary of Count Okuma’s birth commemorated the 50th anniversary in October 2017 since its opening. Built with the image of Count Okuma's stout frame and immovable image, it is also registered as a registered tangible cultural property (building) of the country as a building difficult to reproduce, and the important cultural asset to be left for the future generation.

image: Shigenobu Okuma’s old house (birthplace)

Shigenobu Okuma’s old house (birthplace)

Shigenobu Okuma’s old house is a very valuable to show the remnant of a samurai residence before the Tenpo era and was designated as a national historic site in 1965.

A second-floor pillar Count Okuma is said to have bumped his head while studying in early childhood is open to the public particularly on the days with number 5 every month.


In the permanent exhibition on the 1st floor, you can listen to the famous phrase he used to finish a sentence, “dearun-dearu” by the voice of Count Okuma.
You can see the prosthetic leg he actually used. At the planning exhibition room on the 2nd floor, regular exhibitions are held to show valuable materials. The Waseda Memorial Exhibition Room has a lot to offer.

image: Exhibition

image: Library Cafe

Library Cafe

The library café on the 1st floor is a relaxing space that allows you to unwind slowly while drinking coffee. You can watch videos that convey the achievements of Count Okuma and the teachings of Mother, Miiko. Why don’ you think about Count Okuma in a calm atmosphere? Please use the terrace when the weather is fine.

Facility details

2-11-11 Mizugae, Saga City
9:00 thru 17:00 (admission is until 16:30)
December 29 thru January 3
Admission fee
300 yen for adults and free for students high school-age and younger ※
(※Special rate during the expo period.)
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Okuma Shigenobu Memorial Museum
(From the direction of Saga station)
•Get off a bus at “Okuma Shigenobu Memorial Museum entrance” from Saga station bus center and then about 3 minutes on foot
(Highway use)
•About 25 minutes from Nagasaki Expressway Saga Yamato interchange
(From Kyushu Saga International Airport)
•Change a bus at “Kenchomae”, the bus stop in front of the Prefectural Office building (Central main street) and get off at “Okuma Shigenobu Memorial Museum entrance” and then about 3 minutes on foot
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Phone / Fax: 0952-23-2891
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