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Special Exhibitions “The Nabeshima family of the Bakumatsu-Meiji period, from daimyo to Marquis” Exhibition

A Special plan exhibition at the Museum Chōkokan will open to show the legacy of the Nabeshima family who changed from a local domain to govern Saga province to new nobility (Marquess) to support the imperial family.
Because items on display are changed as needed during the exhibition, please check the homepage for the exhibits that can be seen now!!

image: His Highness Naomasa Nabeshima and Steam Locomotive Model


The Nabeshima was Saga local lord family, living in Saga for about 260 years through the Edo period. His Highness Naomasa Nabeshima, the tenth lord of the Bakumatsu period, placed particular emphasis on the origins of the Saga domain and its unique style, which became one of the great driving forces to the road to a powerful domain. The Museum Chōkokan provides an opportunity for you to get familiar with the history of the daimyō family at the Bakumatsu period through marrying a woman from the Tokugawa family, letters and favorite items of the daughter and sons as well as the duty of Daimyō. The original of the model of steam locomotive and steam ship, the symbols of the Saga domain at the Bakumatsu period, are on display all the time throughout the period of the exhibition.


On the occasion of the Meiji Restoration, the Nabeshima family became a nobility from Daimyo (became the status of Marquis by the Nobility Ordinance in 1884). The 11th generation Naohiro Nabeshima experienced study abroad in the UK and served as a consul to Italy in the early Meiji era, and after he came back to Japan, he served as an aide to Meiji Emperor.
The attires Marquess Naohiro Nabeshima and Marchioness Nagako Nabeshima wore in a costume ball held at the Prime Minister Hirobumi Ito’s official residence for the first time in 18 years. The ballgown Marchoness Nagako worn (Rose color orchid flower pattern) will be exhibited to the public for the first time at The Museum Chōkokan for a limited time only, and bustle dresses using kosode textile in the Rokumeikan era. You won’t be able to see those dresses anywhere else.

(Exhibition period of main materials)
※ Ball Gown (Rose orchid flower pattern) ...April 16 (Monday) thru June 15 (Friday)
※ Bustle · Dress (short sleeve textile) ... August 25 (Saturday) thru November 5 (Monday)
※ Costume ball clothes ... November 6 (Tuesday) thru January 14, 2019 (Monday · holiday)

image: dress

Facility details

2-5-22 Matsubara Saga city
March 17, 2018 thru January 14, 2019
(※However, it is open partly from March 17 to April 15 2018. The whole opening starts from April 16.)
9:30 thru 18:00 ※Admission is until 17: 30
(During the expo period)
December 29 thru January 3
Admission fee
400 yen for adults ※ (free for students high school-age and younger※)
(※Special rate during the Expo period)
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