image: Tsunetami Sano Memorial Museum•Mietsu Navy Facility remnant

Mietsu Naval Dock Site and Tsunetami Sano Memorial Museum

The Industrial Revolution Heritage of Meiji Japan

The land where the technology of the Saga domain gathered, the remnant of the Mietsu Navy remnant site. At the end of the Tokugawa period, naval education, repairs, shipbuilding, etc. were essential as a base for the Western-style navy of the Saga domain, and Japan's first practical steamship “Ryōfū-maru” was built at this place. Currently it is registered as a World Heritage Site as one of the configuration assets of “Meiji Japan's Industrial Revolution Heritage Iron and Steel Production, Shipbuilding and Coal Industry”.

Its location is next to the memorial facility of Tsunetami Sano who was one of the seven sages of Saga and played a pivotal role in opening the Mietsu Navy facility. You can feel the appearance of Mietsu Navy Facility through taking a look at abundant contents about 160 years ago via VR equipment.

image: 「幕末維新」体感シアター

Highlights of Mietsu Naval Dock Site

The remnant of the dry dock discovered from the Mietsu Naval Dock Site are the oldest in Japan. The remnant is currently being backfilled for preservation, so it is impossible to take a look at the real thing directly. You can learn the size and structure by the full-size panel, model, video, etc. displayed on the 3rd floor of the Memorial Museum.

Time tripping to about 160 years ago!

You can experience “Mietsu Time Cruise” which was revived the Mietsu Naval Dock Site about 160 years ago with CG images. The memorial facility of Tsunetami Sano offers you services free of charge as follows: “Mietsu SCOPE (VR equipment)” you look through the Navy Facility with it while walking and "Mietsu-dome Theater" projecting on a six-meter hemispherical screen.

image: 「技」からくり劇場

image: 「人」賢人ラウンドシアター

Tsunetami Sano regular plan exhibition

He is a founder of the Japanese Red Cross Society and you can view the theater introducing the impressive lifetime of "Tsunetami Sano" who served as chief of the Saga clan refinement (RIKEN), and can check the history with a 25-meter long chronology. The exhibition is being held on the same floor.

Facility details

446-1 Kawasoemachi Oaza Hayatsuetsu, Saga city
9:00 thru 17:00 (VR experience reception until 16:30)
Every Monday (Next day when Monday is National Holiday), December 29 thru January 3
Admission fee
Free, but the exhibition room is subject to fees. 300 yen for adults and free for students high school-age and younger ※
(※Special rate during the expo period)
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World Heritage Mietsu Naval Dock Site
Tsunetami Sano Memorial Museum
(From the direction of Saga station)
•Get off a bus at “Tsunetami Sano Memorial Museum entrance” from Saga station bus center and about 5 minutes on foot
(Highway use)
•About 40 minutes from Nagasaki Expressway Saga Yamato interchange
(From Kyushu Saga International Airport)
•About 10 minutes by car
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Contact address
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Fax: 0952-34-9465
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Toilets for the disabled
Tsunetami Sano Memorial Museum: Two multi-purpose toilets (1st and 2nd floor) (Ostomate compatible)
Historical park parking lot: one multi-purpose toilet
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Tsunetami Sano Memorial Museum: 2 cars
Historical park parking lot: 2 cars