image: Saga Prefectural library

Saga Prefectural library

A library with the history of more than 100 years

The library has a history of more than 100 years, inheriting the previous Saga library built by Nabeshima family. It holds about 800,000 items in the collection. Preserved collection includes not only books and magazines but also valuable historical materials such as old documents handed down to the area.
In addition to exhibiting books in line with themes on a monthly basis, various events take place including talks for children.
Please use the reference corner available for investigative consultation. You will be able to solve problems and consultation through guidance based on the materials in this library.

image: 1st floor exhibition hall

1st floor exhibition hall

During the “Hizen Saga Bakumatsu-Meiji Restoration Expo,” books related to the Bakumatsu-Meiji period are on display.
These books make you keep abreast of events and active people at that time.
You can not only read the books on exhibition in the hall but also loan them from the hall.

2nd Floor Hometown Materials Room

The Hometown Material Room holds books and magazines. These books and magazines are written by authors related to Saga or they are written about Saga, and copies of old documents.
Please take what you are interested in.
* Books in the Hometown Materials Room are not for rent. These are available only in the hall.

image: 2nd Floor Hometown Materials Room

image: 2nd Floor Reference Counter

2nd Floor Reference Counter

A reference is a service that links materials with you. You can find answers for a question of surveys and studies of yourselves, such as Naomasa Nabeshima's motto “Hardship now, pleasure later.”

Facility details

2-1-41 Jōnai Saga city
9:00 thru 20:00
Last Wednesday of every month and December 30 thru January 3
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Saga Prefectural library
(From the direction of Saga station)
• About 20 minutes on foot to the direction of the prefectural government office building
•Get off a bus at “Kenchōmae”, the bus stop in front of the Prefectural government office(Central main street), from the direction of Saga station bus center and then about 3 minutes on foot
(Highway use)
• About 25 minutes from Nagasaki Expressway Saga Yamato interchange
(From Kyushu Saga International Airport)
•Get off a bus at "prefectural government office building" and then about 2 minutes on foot
Parking Lot
Available (free)
•Saga Castle Park parking lot (South side across the road behind the prefectural office building) is also available.
•Only on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, the parking lot of the prefectural government South Building (north side of Saga TV) is also available.
Contact address
Phone: 0952-24-2900
Fax: 0952-25-7049
It is possible to enter the child room etc. on the 1st floor (Please enter via the slope from the parking lot.) However, please contact the staff at the 2nd floor reading room.
Assistance dog (guide dog, hearing assistance dog, partner dog) Accompanied admission
Baby strollers
It is possible to enter the child room etc. on the first floor (Please enter via the slope from the parking lot.) However, please contact the staff at the 2nd floor reading room.
Toilets for the disabled
Available (Inside child reading room)
Parking for the disabled
2 cars