Image: Karatsu Satellite Museum

Karatsu Satellite Museum

The trajectory young Karatsu great figures followed

An introduction will go for the items such as “Taikōryō” which produced Karatsu great figures who played an active part in the Bakumatsu-Meiji period, typical modern Japanese building architectures, and the largest coal industry in Japan at that time.
An experience of the miracles (trajectory/miracle) of Karatsu 150 years ago will give us at present a chance to find tips for our future.

Image: View of Tokyo Station

©Yukihiro Yamagami

“Taikōryō” and architecture

Manga images introduce the trajectory young great figures followed in miraculous school “Taikōryō” opened in Karatsu at the Bakumatsu-Meiji period and disappeared in less than one year. Also, canvas projection work “View of Tokyo Station” by contemporary artist Yukihiro Yamagami is worthwhile seeing!

What is “Taikōryō”?

About 150 years ago, Nagakuni Ogasawara, governor of Karatsu domain in Hizen province opened an English language school opened in Karatsu Castle in order to train human resources for the new era.

(Image: Karatsu City Collection)

Old Karatsu domain

Introduction of the turbulent history of the Karatsu domain, which went through Meiji Restoration in sharp contrast with the one the Saga domain did.


There is enjoyable introduction into Karatsu coal field, the largest coal field in Japan at that time through experience games, etc.

Image: Coal cargo handling toward the end of Meiji era (Oshima)

(Image: Karatsu City Collection)

The details of facilities

1513-15 Honmachi, Karatsu City (formar Karatsu Bank)
9: 00 thru 18: 00
December 29 thru 31
Admission fee
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Former Karatsu Bank
Karatsu City Meiji Restoration 150th Anniversary Project
Assistance dog (guide dog, hearing assistance dog, partner dog) Accompanied admission
Baby strollers
Toilets for the disabled
Available (One unisex toilet)
Parking for the disabled
Available (One place)
(From the direction of Karatsu station)
•About 10 minutes on foot
(From the Ōteguchi Bus Center)
•About 5 minutes on foot
(Highway use)
•About 15 minutes from Karatsu Interchange in Nishi Kyushu Expressway
Parking Lot
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100 yen within 1 hour (former Karatsu Bank user is free within 1 hour), over 1 hour, then 100 yen every 30 minutes
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Phone: 0955-70-1717
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