Image: Hagakure Miraikan

Hagakure Miraikan

"Hagakure" for the power and courage to live better

Easy introduction undertakes to make it easy for you to understand “Hagakure” originated in Saga as samurais’ “knowledge” in terms of “mental attitude” for modern business and everyday life.

Image: Hagakure Word Theater

Hagakure Word Theater

Messages left by celebrities whose hearts have been moved by "Hagakure" appear and disappear in the space lined with shoji-style screens, and they deliver the words of "Hagakure" to the minds of visitors.

Hagakure Virtual Experience

Virtual experience of calligraphy · flower arrangement in accordance with the teaching of "Hagakure" with digital technology! The space can provide you with a sobering experience by practicing the teachings of "Hagakure."

Image: Hagakure Virtual Experience

Image: Discovery my HAGAKURE

Discover my HAGAKURE

Opening and closing old gear while answering questions according to themes · · ·. In the last drawer, the word "Hagakure" just right for you is sleeping. (In exchange for words of " Hagakure" at the information corner downstairs, you can take it home.)

The details of facilities

3-12 Yanagimachi, Saga city (former Sanshō Bank)
9: 30 thru 18: 00 (Admission is until 17: 30)
Open every day
Admission fee
(From the direction of Saga station)
•About 20 minutes on foot to the direction of the prefectural government office building
•Get off a bus at “Gofukumotomachi” from the direction of Saga station bus center and then about 2 minutes on foot
(Highway use)
•About 25 minutes from Nagasaki Expressway Saga Yamato interchange
(From Kyushu Saga International Airport)
Get off a bus at “Kenchōmae” the bus stop in front of the prefectural government office to change a bus at “Sagajinjamae” to “Gofukumotomachi” and then about 2 minutes on foot
Parking Lot
•Saga museum of history and folk culture parking lot (near 1 Yanagimachi, Saga City / free)
•Old Fukuda Residence Parking lot (4-3-15 Matsubara, Saga City / free)
•Hizen Tsūsentei Parking lot (4-6-18 Matsubara, Saga City / free)
Contact address
Phone: 0952-37-0181
Fax: 0952-37-0182
Wheelchairs are allowed in the facility.
However, you will be required to use an indoor wheelchair prepared by the organizer. (Part of the exhibition on the 2nd floor is in a corner on the 1st floor)
Assistance dog (guide dog, hearing assistance dog, partner dog) Accompanied admission
Baby stroller
Not Allowed (Temporarily kept outside the hall)
Toilets for the disabled
One toilet at former Koga Bank and Hizen Tsūsentei, respectively (Ostomate Compatible) ※ Available while the opening of Hizen Tsūsentei
Parking for the disabled
•Hizen Tsūsentei parking lot (4-6-18 Matsubara, Saga City / 3 cars)