What is Hizen Saga Bakumatsu-Meiji Restoration Expo?

Once, Saga was looking toward the world.
Now, Saga is looking toward the future.

- 2018 is 150 years since the Meiji Restoration

At the end of Edo Period, Saga province played a "key" role in accomplishing the Meiji Restoration with cutting edge science and technology in a compelling trend from the isolating country to the opening of the country.

Exceptional technical skill "technique," many great people nurtured by "education" through educational reform, and "will" flowing under these fundamentals.

“Hizen Saga Bakumatsu-Meiji Restoration Expo” is an exposition that makes you feel the image of Saga at the end of Edo period and fully enjoy its history, food, culture and art of Saga.

The original image song for Hizen Saga Bakumatsu- Meiji Restoration Expo, "the First Star"

Thought put into the image song (Lyrics /Composition: Mio Isayama)

The first star is the first to appear and shine above us after the sunset.

People at the end of the Tokugawa period desperately survived, caring about their families and hometown.
Perhaps people at earlier time than that might have done in the same way.
And the same thing can be said about us living in modern times.
When it comes to working hard to attain goals with a focus on what is important, there seems to be no difference between them and us.

The ideas of people who live in their own era are connected over ages.
And the image song came into being with the tile of the first star as a symbol of lighting people's way.
We see the star people in the Bakumatsu period watched and people in the future see the same first star as we do now.
In the same way, you will see the stars that shine first.

This exhibition will help connect the thoughts of people who will come and it is strongly hoped that you will become the first star to light the way ahead.

Mio Isayama

Mio Isayama Profile

She is active in composing various music such as “Love Fireworks,” and Waltz of the month” adopted in “NHK’s Minna No Uta” and many other fields including program theme songs and CM.

Aoi Teshima

Aoi Teshima Profile

Born in Fukuoka prefecture in 1987. Debuted in 2006 "Teru no Uta". In November 2017, the EP records including “Tokyo” were released.

VI (visual identity) of “Hizen Saga Bakumatsu-Meiji Restoration Expo”

The concept of the expo to bridge the past and future is expressed by the direction indicated by the triangle and the concept of mixture.

  • A left-pointing triangle is “to know the past”
  • A downward triangle is “to look at the present time”
  • The right-pointing triangle is “to head for the future”
  • An upward triangle is “to think the possibility”

In addition, the small gray triangles used for the visual identity of the expo all face to the right and represent the meaning to face towards the future.


to know the past, to look at the present time, head for the future, to think the possibility